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Jennifer Murphy

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A natural born house-hunter, Jennifer began her career in the field of interior design, working with a high-end Architectural firm in Santa Barbara. Those initial years of design, budgeting and concierge service are the same tools she continues to utilize in her business today. Customer service is top priority; educating at each step of the process, which allows her clients to make informed decisions that are best for their family. Her background and understanding of the details behind the walls of a home is often helpful for clients to visualize small DIY projects, larger improvements or just getting her advice on paint colors. Kindness, excellent communication and assertiveness are Jenn’s strengths that have given her clients the edge against competition in this competitive market.

When not working with clients, you’ll find Jenn spending time with her family, probably working in the garden or a home improvement project. 

Jennifer will guide you each step of the process and will get you the best price possible, whether you’re searching for your first home, your dream home, or you're ready to sell. She is happy to just be a resource for questions if thats what you need at the moment.

Feel free to call Legends Real Estate for a complete list of Jennifer’s past clients served, and you may inquire with them directly about their experience. 

Happy house-hunting!

"I was introduced to Jennifer Murphy via zillow and was impressed immediately. She definitely knew the area in detail which saved a lot of time in checking out homes. It seems easy to look at zillow and underestimate the need for a realtor. But in reality, what she did was understand what we wanted and really focused our search on the specific houses and the specific areas that had what we wanted. She was responsive at all hours and answered in detail which helped us find our dream home in under 2 weeks. She is an expert in the Sac / El dorado hills / Folsom Area. She is also knowledgeable in house amenities that separate the dream homes from wanna bees."

  -MichaelIrschick, Client

"Jennifer sold our house during a pandemic. We had two escrows fall out before she managed to get us $5000 over asking price. She was knowledgeable and calming and very patient with our increased anxiety’. We highly recommend this lady!"

  -mollygold, Client

"Jennifer is an awesome Realtor. She would keep me informed and communicate in a clear concise way leaving no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding. I appreciated the way she would follow-up and continue to ensure the smooth flow of information and continued interaction between all parties during the purchase process."

  -4clara, Client

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